Birthday presents

Yes I’m feeling slightly self-indulgent today but hey it’s my birthday and amongst other things my beautiful wife bought me a Slim Aluminum Apple Keyboard and a Samsung NC10 in black.

Slim Aluminum Apple Keyboard

Slim Apple Aluminum Keyboard

This is one of the nicest keyboards I’ve ever used although it doesn’t work quite perfectly under Ubuntu. I’ll blog as soon as I work out all the configuration required to work under Ubuntu.

Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10 Netbook Black

This 10″ netbook is nothing short of brilliant. Currently it is running XP but I’ll soon be replacing that with Ubuntu (Intrepid or Jaunty). There are a couple of issues with this netbook under Ubuntu but I’m sure I’ll get them sorted. I’ll post more in detail when I’ve completed the upgrade.

Just in case I don’t say it enough “I love you Sonia”