Goodbye Nyx … Hello Nyx

Goodbye Nyx

Samsung NC10

It is with a heavy heart I must say goodbye to my trusty Samsung NC10 (NYX). It has gone on to a new owner, may they enjoy using Nyx as much as I have.

Hello Nyx

Lenovo G580

In it’s place my wonderful partner has bought me a Lenovo G580 (NYX) as an early Christmas present 🙂 Although not all of the hardware is supported out of the box on Linux (Atheros 8162 LAN) this can be easily worked around with an unofficial driver from The Linux Foundation alx driver page.

Yep I’ve named my new laptop the same as my old one for 2 reasons

  1. It’s a good name. Simple.
  2. A lot of my automated development scripts still reference Nyx and will continue to do so until I’ve migrated them all to Ares.

Now have less and less excuses for not releasing some of the software I’ve been working on this year … who knows 🙂