HTC Desire ICS Update

MIUI Android

For well over a year now I’ve been running MIUI Gingerbread on my HTC Desire as this was the only ROM which would “stick”. I tried several others such as CyanogenMod but while they would install cleanly, they would never work after the phone was rebooted. I’d be left at the white HTC screen forever. This is probably beacuse (for those who understand the HTC Desire hardware) I have a PVT4 HTC Desire with an erase size of 20000 instead of 40000, usually an erase size of 20000 is associated with a PVT1 model, or so I’m lead to believe on the Internet. Unfortuantely MIUI have stopped producing updates for the HTC Desire (Bravo) and the last available ROM was 2.4.13 so I’ve been looking for an upgrade that would “stick” ever since.

 Evervolv ICS

Enter Evervolv ICS ROM for HTC Desire. I’ve been watching the progress of Evervolv ICS for a while now and kept meaning to try it out but never did. However last week I received a 32Gb Class 10 MicroSDHC card as an upgrade to the 8Gb Class 4 in my Desire so I decided to bite the bullet and give Evervolv a try.

Installation was incredibly simple. Through AmonRa recovery (ClockworkMod doesn’t work properly on my HTC Desire!) I created a 1 Gb EXT2 partiotn on my SD Card so I could use Mounts2SD and save precious internal storage (144Mb available max on clean install!)

Installation via the Aroma Installer is really simple and very quick. After installing of Evervolv ICS I ran the following commands through the Terminal Emulator app provided …

m2sd apps enable
m2sd dalvik enable
m2sd data enable
m2sd dlcache enable

Each prompting for a reboot. Once I had run ALL of these commands I rebooted the phone and miraculously it “stuck” Evervolv booted back up and copied all the data to the EXT2 partition on the SD card and ICS runs beautifully on the HTC Desire.

I’ve rebooted several times since just to make sure it “sticks” and so far all is good. I can honestly say ICS is such an advance on Gingerbread it’s unbelievable. I feel like I have a new phone and no longer feel the urge to go out and update my phone just yet as my contract doesn’t expire until Jan 2013, although I still wouldn’t mind a Samsung Galaxy SIII 😉