Installed Ubuntu Hardy on my laptop

I’ve just finished installing Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) on my Acer 9303WSMi and first impressions are “WOW”, which is what Vista was meant to do but didn’t!

I have to agree with K.Mandla it’s so easy. Before I started I had a couple of requirements which I wanted Hardy to meet, mostly getting my hardware to work.

Hardware results :-

  • nVidia Geforce Go 7300 – Works perfectly with ‘nv’ and ‘nvidia’ drivers. Full 3D and Compiz Fusion.
  • Realtak HD AC97 Audio – Works perfectly.
  • nVidia 10/100/1000 LAN – Works perfectly.
  • Atheros AR5005g with WPA – Works perfectly.
  • Acer Orbicam (Bison USB 2.0) – Works perfectly.
  • Texas Instruments SD Card Reader – Works perfectly.
  • Suspend and Resume – Works perfectly.

After installation I only needed to do 2 things in order to complete the installation.

  1. Go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers to enable the full 3D driver for the nVidia card.
  2. Go to Applications -> Add/Remove and Show “All available applications” and search for “Ubuntu restricted extras”. After installing this Flash, Java, MP3, DivX and WMV (amongst others) support was complete.

Compared to Vista this laptop is a speed-demon now. Everything is so responsive. Over the next few days I’ll be really hammering this laptop to see how well Hardy stands up. In the meantime I’ve added an entry for the Acer Aspire 9303WSMi on the Ubuntu Wiki to keep a record of what works and what needs testing.