Welcome to my corner of the Web.


Alan DoyleHi! I’m Alan Doyle. I’m originally from the Republic of Ireland but I now live in the West Midlands, UK with my beautiful wife, 2 fantastic daughters and 6 cats.

My passion is coding. I’ve been writing Software since I was 12 years old on a Commodore 64 my parents got me for Christmas, later I moved on to an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200. However since I switched to PCs I’ve never been happy running Windows, I missed the passion Amiga coders had but now I’ve found that Open-Source software (particularly Linux) feeds that passion. To whit I switched permanently to Linux in 2005 firstly to Ubuntu 5.04 but in 2010 I switched to Debian Sid (unstable) on my laptop and haven’t looked back.

I’ve been a Software Engineer for over 15 years now, initially working on embedded systems but currently writing cross-platform software to run on AIX, Linux, Open Server and Windows from a single common codebase.