Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) is out

Debian 6.0 was released today February 6th, 2011. The release included many major changes, described in their press release and the Release Notes.

To obtain and install Debian, see the installation information page and the Installation Guide. To upgrade from an older Debian release, see the instructions in the Release Notes.

On a side note I’ve been using Squeeze on my Viglen MPC-L for quite some time now and it’s proven to be a very light and stable release. At least they still support i586 hardware. I’ve just inherited an old Packard Bell EasyNote laptop (K6-2 550MHz with 256Mb RAM) so I guess I’ll be Debianising that this weekend.

Many thanks again to all the guys and girls who’ve made Debian 6.0 a reality.

  • Daniel

    Hello Alan,

    I have a Viglen MPC-L. What version of Debian Squeeze did you install on your MPC-L. Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel,

      It’s a little fiddly getting Debian on the Viglen MPC-L but I used the netinst ISO which I copied onto a USB stick using unetbootin. I modified the syslinux config to include “pnpbios=off pci=noacpi” so the kernel doesn’t crash on boot. When the installer asked about installing GRUB on the MBR I switched to one of the virtual terminals and edited /target/etc/default/grub to read GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”pnpbios=off pci=noacpi” then switched back and installed GRUB. Now it boots perfectly and does graceful shutdown/reboots also.


      P.S. I’ve upgraded from Squeeze to Wheezy on this box now and that runs perfectly also with the changes above.