Network Upgrades … finally

So I’ve finally managed to get around to reconfiguring my home network to Wireless-N from Wireless-G. Also all wired devices now plug into gigabit switches. Unusually instead of DHCP addresses I’ve decided to statically allocate each machine/tablet/phone a static IP address and only guests get a DHCP address. This actually simplifies management of the network as I now know for certain what each device on the LAN is.

Also during this upgrade (I’ve added a new Western Digital MyNet N750 router) I changed all the SSID’s and their passphrases. They’re now much longer and secure. I also switched off the old WEP wifi access point which used to be used by the girls Nintendo DS Lites but they’ve since upgraded to 3DS XLs and so don’t need this AP any more. As a consequence I’ve noticed that the network is faster! Was the WEP AP causing interference or did I have some freeloaders using my network? I don’t know but if there were any they’re now gone 🙂

To ease the addition of new devices each person in the house has a range of 10 IP’s allocated for their devices (which is more than enough).

I also enabled OpenDNS Family Shield on the router for the safety of the kids and to reduce the chances of stumbling across any malware sites.

All in all the upgrade went quite well with no hiccups so far. Here’s hoping it stays that way 🙂