Upgraded to Intrepid Ibex and the freedom and fun of Linux …

I’ve downloaded the latest 64-bit Desktop Edition of Ubuntu and upgraded my Hardy install (after backing up all of my personal data … learnt this the hard way with Windows) and everything runs beautifully on my Acer Aspire 9303. It was almost too simple. I still can’t believe people think “Linux is hard”.

I have to say Ubuntu has put the fun back into computing. I’ve been a programmer (professionally for about 10 years and as a hobby for over 20 years) but until I converted my laptop to use Ubuntu as my ONLY desktop OS I’d started to feel a bit jaded and fed up with the whole computer/programming scene. Windows had sucked all the joy of programming from me. Now I’m trying to learn Python and PyGTK to produce some simple applications (scratching an itch). I also love scripting with bash and the feeling of freedom, the freedom to get my computer to do what I want and not the other way around.

I’ve dumped Apache on Windows in favour of nginx on Ubuntu and getting PHP to run via FastCGI over UNIX Domain Sockets (will publish info later). This rocks it’s way faster and lighter than Apache or IIS. My Server is currently using 72Mb out of 1024Mb RAM running nginx, PHP5, MySQL, OpenSSH and DenyHosts. It’s hosting this site and all the while the Pentium 4 1.8GHz is usually idle, fantastic. Windows used to kick the life out of this box!

Looks like my journey has really only just begun. I can’t believe how good this really is. And I’m not the only one as a couple of my friends now run Ubuntu instead of Windows. It’s all god.